I’m a sweet person with a good heart. The good friend you’ll keep to the end. Relaxed and laid back. I like people that I can be good friends with that keep it real. I prefer bluntness over bullshit. So as long as you remember that then its smooth sailing. Just keep off my shit list and its all good. Half Panamian half Phillippine, yes a mutt (LOL). Originally born and raised in Bronx, Ny. Came to Va in 1992 where I know reside.  My page is about anything and everything that’s on my mind events, opinions, poems, etc.  Whatever is on my mind i will speak hence the title “The Mind Speaks”

Here is a little more info on me:

My Politics:  I am an open-minded, feministic, democrat

25 Things about Yvette

1. My mother named me after the actress Yvette Mimieux.
2. My siblings and I all of our names start with a Y my mom had a thing with the letter Y.
3. Since high school I eat my french fries with a mixture of ketchup, mayo, and mustard.
4. I pay very close attention to detail. How much you ask Ex. I remember how I left everything in my house I mean everything , every detail no matter how big or small. If I left something as small as a tooth pick on the table and it was moved I will know. Crazy yes, maybe a lil anal I know.
5. I am mixed half panamanian, half phillippine. Yes a mutt lol
6. Out of all of my siblings 3 sisters and 1 brother from my mothers first marriage Ive never met my brother. Ive met my sisters cause at some point they came to the U.S. and my oldest sister lives in Ny. Sad I know he lives in the phillippines so travel is not easy but I do intend to meet him one day. I have talked with him and seen pictures and get updates on his life.
7. Ive never grown up with my siblings. Im the youngest and lived as an only child. Due to the fact in childhood they lived in the phillippines.
8. I keep a very select few who I call my best and close friends. Reason due to my experience with some people Ive met over the years some had acted triffling and 2 faced.
9. Im not the most forgiving person in the world. Do something wrong to me and it will take years for me to forgive you even though I am friends or family with you and still speak to you. Ive only forgiving 2 people in my life so far. The rest are on the “unforgiven list” A.K.A. “my shit list”  or havent done anything bad to me.
10. Im a sweet person with a good heart. Just dont piss me off Im an evil bitch then.
11. Ive never traveled out of the country just traveled within the U.S. I would love to go out of the country one day.
12. When I was younger people used to call me popeye cause of my big calves.
13. My favorite color is red. It used to be purple when i was a kid then I changed it. I love the color red its bright and bold.
14. My favorite foods rice, pasta, steak, , pizza, anything chocolate,ice cream, and especially chicken (I eat chicken so much some people say I will turn into one lol)
15. I was in a car accident back in early 2001 while on the highway speed was a factor of course. I was in the far left lane and speeding so fast I didnt want to hit a car that kept breaking in front of me. I was trying to get over to the right lane but I jerked the wheel so much by mistake I speed out of control from the far left to the far right, driver side of car down an embankment. Amazingly I didnt hit anyone (which is a good thing) just knocked down some trees except for the one tree that kept my car from flipping over. Some good samaritans saw what happened pulled over and helped me out the car. My only injuries was a sore neck, back and shoulders and a big bruise on my left leg upper thigh thank God nothing major. But it was a close call. (And of course I still got a ticket from it, damn state troopers.)
16. Im originally born and raised in Nyc ( from the bronx ). I love my hometown I always go back to visit once a year. I still have family and friends up there. Even though Ive never been out of the country I feel its the best place on earth.
17. My favorite music rap, r&b, disco, house if u old heads remember that (better than go go music I cant stand go-go).
18. I love stuffed animals I have a whole bunch of them on my shelves in my closet. Never too old to love stuffed animals.
19. My favorite animal Cats all kinds of cats , domestic cats and wild cats. Especially, Siamaise cats, Calico cats , Cheetahs, tigers and panthers.
20. My # 1 pet peeve people who mispronouce or mispell my first name. It annoys the hell out of me.
I had so many mispellings and mispronouciations of my name its ridiculous. People want to spell it with an E or L, C, or I as the first letter. Now I know some people who have the name spell it differently but not me I use the original spelling. One time when i was little someone till this day dont know who someone gave me a x-mas gift and spelled it with an S. Where they get Syvette I have no idea. Its not that hard it is spelled Y-V-E-T-T-E pronouced ee- Vet. Not yah vette why vette and dont call me corvette I hate that. Anyway i prefer to be called EVE.
21. And for those of you who remember L.L Cool J had a song called Dear Yvette. Though I dont act like the girl he describes in the song, but Ive always wondered why the name Yvette did he pick it out of a hat of names , knew someone with the name or what. If I ever meet him that is the first question I would ask him. And yes some people have teased me in the past by singing the chorus in the song, which by the way annoys me.
22. Im a very blunt person (got it from my mom ). If you ask me for the truth be sure you want to hear it and brace yourself if you do want to hear it. I dont sugar coat or beat around the bush (thats just too much bullshit for me to do ). And yes I can take as I dish it out regardless of whether or not it hurts. I rather a person be honest with me and so what if it hurts my feelings Im a grown woman I can handle it. What will hurt me more if a person lied to me and I find out.
23. My favorite weather Spring and Fall. I dont like too much heat and though Im from the north I dont like that much cold. But I do love it when it snows and yes the last time we had blizzard in Virginia as grown as I was I did make a snow man and had an snow ball fight. Smile 🙂
24. Im a NY Giants and NY Knicks, and Yankees fan. I did like the Chicago bulls back in the day when Michael “Air” Jordon used to play. I used to love the way he flew in the air and dunked the ball.
25. My mom is the person I look up to the most. She came from a poor background and made something out her life. She’s a strong and independent woman who has been thru a lot in life. She’s taught me anything is possible in life if you work hard and put your mind to it. And just like most mothers her love is unconditional. I Love my mom.

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